An Adventure in understAnding

It's time to begin a new journey of awakening and evolution. Turning Points in Compassion is a powerful testimony to our individual capacities to transform our world view and see with new eyes. For so long we have viewed animals as inferior beings whose value is measured in terms of their use to humans. But an evolution is taking place both in science as well as in the hearts and minds of individuals from all walks of life.

Animals are now being recognised for the sentient and intelligent beings they are. No longer can we pretend that our old world view is one we can maintain if we are going to preserve the earth and all its inhabitants. Nor can we continue to turn a blind eye to the immense suffering our food choices inflict on the beings whose personal choice, so precious to so many humans, is taken away with so little regard for their right to life. 

Turning Points in Compassion is an adventure for every reader who has the openess of mind and courage to be challenged and transformed into having a new perception of the world and the lifestyle choices they make.


Chapter 1 can be read below or you can access the file with this link.

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